What You Need to Start a Drain Cleaning Business – This Week Magazine

Ask a plumber who can help you prepare.

There are a number of basic equipment for starting the process of creating your own private drainage cleaning business. Most important is a complete cargo van with your company branding on it. A pickup truck will not cut it in this business.

A more high-tech piece of equipment is a drain cleaning camera. They are crucial for running through drains, and finding clogs and dips in pipes. It is recommended to purchase one that stores data on an SD card, so that you are able to show your customers what’s going within their pipes. This is crucial.

On the next list is jetters. The jetter uses pressure to cleanse the interior of your pipes. It can also eliminate all obstructions and clogs, as well as clear away tree roots and sludge.

Additionally, you’ll require a drain camera. This camera is suitable for toilets, p-traps and drains with small sizes. It is an essential yet inexpensive piece of equipment.

The last but not last, but certainly not least, is a toilet auger. You stick it in the toilet, spin the auger, and it captures anything and unclogs the pipe. A hand-held drill is recommended for the removal of clogs from bathroom and kitchen sinks.

There are a handful of indispensable tools you’ll require in order to launch your own drain cleaning company. ecutmjum6q.