Smile For a Lifetime Has Been Making Orthodontic Care Accessible to Children in Need For Nearly 15 Years – Daily Inbox

eatment, dental care as well as many other services. It also provides options for services like school supplies including food, and sports equipment for children.

They are crucial in motivating children to pursue studies. The foundation has achieved tremendous success in helping children become stronger learners. With their continuous efforts, the organization also raises important funds for the opportunity to sponsor children with a need. Smile for a Lifetime has had many successes in giving orthodontic treatment to kids who might not otherwise had the chance. It provides transportation for free and food, as well education opportunities.

Collaboration with Orthodontic Manufacturers Who Provide Equipment for free

Smile For a Lifetime is an orthodontic charity that provides free dental equipment to children of low income, without cost. Numerous children with no financial resources benefit from orthodontic treatments through donations from manufacturers for equipment and supplies. Smile For A Lifetime believes that children should not have to compromise their dental health simply because they cannot afford the treatment. As part of their mission Smile For A Lifetime collects and distributes orthodontic equipment and dental materials.

These donations were used by the foundations to cover treatment of patients who are suitable for their programs. Smile For A Lifetime also gives screenings at the local levels. This screening is offered free of fee. Patients may be referred to an orthodontic specialist by the foundation. Volunteer orthodontists, as well as other professionals who are part of the foundation donate their time and knowledge to patients who would otherwise would not be able to afford the treatment.

Smile for a Lifetime’s program to make it easier for orthodontists, dentists and other professionals in dentistry to give free dental services to poor children