Top 10 AC Problems – Home Improvement Tax

Bad thermostats were a major problem. Bad thermostats cause AC units to be unable to effectively cool offices or homes effectively, leaving lots of people in an uncomfortable state.

A further issue was the numerous use of bad capacitors. In the case of more than 250 work orders, more than 50 of them were related to capacitors. The capacitors can fail when they age, and in some cases. However, the unit owner can minimize the possibility as well as extend the service life by cleaning it.

Another issue that plagued some AC units was the deficiency of refrigerant or freon. A technician will explain how AC units are permanent sealed units, and the freon is meant to remain its place for the rest of the unit’s life. This means that if the freon has gone out, it indicates you that your AC unit has a leak within the system. These leaks may occur within the lines, in the outside unit or the coil on top of the furnace. These leaks may be located in the top-of-the furnace A coil. Additionally, you can see additional potentially dangerous areas in the video.