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They research improvement of animal health, animal vaccination in addition to examining slaughterhouses and the processing of animals. They also assist in the running of programs for public health in animals aimed at preventing pests and illnesses.

* Companion Animal Veterinarians

These professionals are veterinarians who work in an animal hospital. These professionals are able to diagnose and treat animals suffering from various diseases. They offer advice to pet owners about the most effective ways to care for their animals, prescribe medication as well as perform surgical procedures. The dog veterinarian also provides dental care services to their customers.

* Food animal veterinarians

Food animal vets deal with animal food sources such as poultry, pigs, sheep as well as cattle. They are usually found in ranches and farms that treat and vaccination animals. They work closely with farmers and consult on the general health of animals, feeding, as well as housing requirements.

* Vet practitioners

Professionals with high-end training and know-how on specific animals such as dogs, horses, birds and cats. The practitioners are found in an animal clinic. However, they can be contacted when there is a need in most cases. 8gtbgxtjdo.