Why Trendsetters Choose The Rochester NY Public Market

Rochester ny public market

The Rochester NY public market is part of a new trend. The latest craze in food has been to be an avid “localvore.” What is a localvore, exactly? The term is used to describe those who eat food that has been grown within a certain radius of where you live. It means buying from local farmers, local butchers, or local fishermen whenever and wherever possible. The idea is that you get fresher foods far more often that are less likely to have a great deal of chemical pesticides used. In the case of meats, you often get fresher cuts, and the same is true of fish as well. It is part of what makes a visit to the Rochester NY public market such a rewarding experience.

At the farmers market rochester families can find some of the best produce available anywhere. While you may think that some of what you see in the grocery store is the best, it is important to know that many vegetables and fruits are grown for easy transportation and hardiness, but not necessarily for flavor, nutritional content, and more. In other words, the produce you buy traditionally is built to make it to the grocery store across great distances. When you choose the Rochester NY public market instead, what you get are produce products that are made to be eaten. They are chosen because they are some of the best available. For example, heirloom tomatoes that you can find at the public market Rochester farmers participate in have a much higher flavor profile that makes them tastier than anything you would find at a grocery store. The Rochester NY public market is more than just better produce, however.

Local farmers depend on local eaters to stay in business. As long as they are around, they will be a source of the all natural fruits, vegetables, and meats that we crave in our diet. The Rochester NY public market is a great place to find those products, and a great way to support those that provide it. The Rochester farmers market also offers fresh baked goods and dairy as well, and many vendors provide delights such as preserves, homemade candies, and more. While the Rochester public market may not be available all year, it is always good to see what is on sale in your area so that you get the best of the best.