What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance – Interstate Moving Company

e are two main sections for your homeowners insurance: property coverage, and liability coverage. Within each category of coverage, there are various varieties of coverage.

Insurance coverage for property includes four types of structures: dwellings, other structures, personal property, and the loss of usage.

Coverage for your dwelling protects your home and the structures that connect to the home, like the garage attached to it.

The protection for additional structures include structures that aren’t directly connected to your house including a garden shed or detached garage.

Insurance protection for personal property covers items in the house including furniture, clothes and toys.

Loss of use coverage will pay expenses like a hotel room if your residence can’t be used due to accidents and claims.

Personal liability covers you when somebody injures or harms your body. This also covers medical costs that are able to cover medical expenses for people who are injured in your premises.

For more information about homeowner insurance and which coverages are right for you take a look at the video below or contact a homeowners insurance agency now!