Universal Firearm Safety Rules – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

The most important tip to ensure firearm security is to ensure that the gun’s owner to assume that it is fully loaded, and know the gun’s condition. There are fewer incidents when the gun owner assumes that the gun is loaded at all times. While checking your gun it’s best to let the shells drop rather than trying to take them. The user is prevented from accidentally shooting the gun at another person as they attempt in order to capture the shell.

Another tip is to secure the gun within the holster even when it is not in use. The slides should be to the rear when a firearm is removed from its holster and is not being used. Another suggestion is to employ the firearm’s DLC to decrease friction between components on the slide.

Keep one’s fingers away from the trigger until they have made an informed decision to shoot is another safe tip. If the firearm is not operated in a controlled manner any mistake or jerking could result in firing the weapon unintentionally. Tips on how to protect yourself from gunfire are provided in the video, which is available to anyone who would like it. nsetencv9m.