Understanding Server Latency – Business Success Tips

deo to learn more about the impact of server latency on its performance.

The rate of latency is determined by the speed at which light travels. It can also impact how fast you may be able to join two places online. The amount of time required for light to travel around Earth takes around 100 milliseconds. Latency online doesn’t reflect the speed of light so why are they slowing the speed of light?

The command “ping” sends an email, and it waits for the recipient for a response. It will reveal the time it takes to respond. This is an ideal method to measure speed and latency. Latencies measured in this test can range from two to four milliseconds. It’s not feasible that it can take that much light energy to cover a small distance, so the slow down comes from the computer that handles the data.

Two milliseconds of latency represents the time it takes for the router and internet connections to exchange your messages. The slowdown occurs from computers trying to relay messages with servers. While it is extremely quick, latency however, is not nearly as quick as the speed of light due to these internal forces.