Tips for Preparing for Divorce Mediation – Great Conversation Starters

It’s important to be prepared for mediation in the event that you’re considering divorce. Here are some helpful tips.
One of the best pieces of advice to couples who are preparing for mediation in divorce is to do it the way the way a lawyer prepares. Although the goal in mediation is to stay clear of the possibility of litigation and court dates however, the legal procedures involved are much the same.
You’ll first need to organize. Before you begin divorce process along by talking to your spouse or mediator, organization is a key factor. Do you have all of the documentation required? Do you have a list of assets to divide? This is an important thing to be aware of prior to the start of mediation.
It’s equally important to keep a running list of issues that need to be resolved. You may need to talk about division of assets, and arrangements for financial reconciliation as well as custody agreements. Although it is essential to trust your mediator, they won’t be aware of the particulars of your relationship and the goals you want to accomplish unless you’re ready to discuss those matters. 8uzb2xm6ji.