The Role of a Respiratory Therapist – Health and Fitness Magazine

Pists assist in the coordination of care for patients as well as managing the medical equipment that is used in testing related to the lungs. This position requires you to work in a variety of situations and interact with patients with different injuries or illnesses. They spend most of their time at hospitals and medical centers. But, some travel might be required for training or to treat patients in their homes.
Respiratory therapy therapists are accountable for diagnosing the condition of patients, administering tests and treatments including oxygen therapy inhaling and suctioning airways, as well as assisting patients to exercise in order to build their muscles. Respiratory therapists also instruct patients’ families and caregivers on the best ways to take care of them. They are educated in how to give medication and other techniques to improve the patient’s level of health.
Respiratory therapists often work closely alongside other medical professionals like nurses, doctors and physical therapy. They can work in various departments of the hospital, based on their area of specialty. nnisvg5cmd.