The Importance of Buying Food Locally

Rochester public market

At a Rochester NY public market, you can get fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables that are locally grown. Rochester NY public marketing is a great way to support your community, while getting the quality foods that you expect. Whether you enjoy the occasional salad or are an avid health buff, Rochester farmers market is a great way to get healthy this summer.

Why is buying your produce locally so important? In the United States, fruits and vegetables are picked up to a week before they make it to store shelves. Furthermore, produce is transported an average of 1500 miles before it makes its way to your plate. These numbers may be much higher for fruits and vegetables grown and transported from other countries. Shopping at a Rochester public market is your best bet for finding freshly picked, local produce.

The system of producing and transporting fruits and vegetables is possible because of lower energy costs and economically advantageous mass production of food. The modern food industry endorses large scale, subsidized, and business oriented agriculture, with receives support from the government in terms of financial aid and cheap energy. By shopping locally at a Rochester farmers market, you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that are produced using traditional agricultural methods.

It is important to find locally produced food, much like that provided at a Rochester farmers market. The cheap energy industry will eventually be depleted of resources, and with the growing demand for oil based energy, prices will rise exponentially. Go to a public market Rochester and you will surely appreciate all natural and organic foods produced on a smaller scale.

At a Rochester farmers market, you will admire food produced using safe and ecofriendly practices. Big business agricultural pollutes the environment, and produces food that is genetically modified or that is susceptible to harmful diseases. Organic, all natural options found at a Rochester farmers market can help protect you and your family from eating potentially harmful food.

How can you purchase wholesome and safe food? Go to your local Rochester farmers market and choose food from vendors that are local. Not only is this food more fresh, but it also helps support local and community based farmers. Help ensure the integrity of your food and shop locally.