The Fundamentals of Knife Sharpening With a Japanese Master Sharpener – Free Cooking Videos

it is essential to have a sharp knife to prepare a meal. Although, even if only a culinary novice, the sharpness of your knife shouldn’t be disregarded. The danger of slipping in the kitchen with a dull knife is an extremely dangerous risk. So even novice home cooks shouldn’t be skipping in the maintenance of knives. Learn how to sharpen knives learned from an experienced Japanese master.

A water stone (also known as the whetstone) is a device can be used for sharpening knives. This method has been used for decades in Japan but has recently become a popular choice for chefs all over the globe. Using a stone allows you to grind the metal away from the blade in order to make a new, sharper edge. Other methods like grinding the steel will only change the edges temporarily. To sharpen the knife, place its edge on top of the stone in a way that the length of it is half on the stone and that it is half off. Press lightly on your blade’s edge using your fingertips. Gradually draw the knife towards your face to make it sharper. u7emlpugep.