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And some homeowners hire exterior painting services to help with the process. The Paint People have uploaded an instructional video on their YouTube channel “Top Ten Exterior Paint Color home Design Ideas”, where they show you how to choose shades that will be appealing to your home. Learn more.

Firstly, people normally choose three-color combinations consisting of the main color, the trim colorand accent color.

The primary color you choose should be your primary color. This color should cover the majority part of your home. The trim color is usually utilized on the woodwork that surrounds the doors and the windows. In addition, the accent color provides a pop of color that can be applied to the front door.

A great combination

The initial color they show is warm and light, which is perfect for any home , and is able to use it for interiors too. The most popular colours include HC 26 Monroe Bisque, OC 39 Timid white and HC the 116.

There are more amazing mixes on their channel on Youtube So, check out the rest of the video for more information!