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The best part of this dish is the fact that you only need to add the ingredients to a slow cooker and cook them until the dish is ready. It’s simple and nutritious. You’ll be requiring boneless chicken breasts, sweet potato, apple the carrots, kidney beans and frozen peas, along with a small amount of olive oil.

If you own a programmable slow cooker, all you’ll have to cut all vegetables with the exception of frozen peas. and then add them to the cooker and then put the timer in. Be sure to add the chicken first, making sure it’s in the middle. The ingredients should rest for a while before covering them with water. Include the peas as well as olive oil thirty minutes before the timer gets off. Cool it down and serve.

Check out the rest of the video for complete details on this recipe. And you won’t be able to make this recipe for your dog. If you want to ensure that your dog is healthy, make sure you go to the vet frequently.