Quartz vs Granite vs Marble Countertops – Shop Smart Magazine


Since marble is more porous than granite, and it is prone to staining even though it’s sealed. Granite will not stain. Granite countertops may stain more than marble that is sealed, but spills need to be cleaned as soon as they occur. If the red wine, tomato sauce, cooking oils coffee, tea, or tomato sauce are left to sit in the quartz countertop, it will stain. The granite should be sealed in order to prevent the possibility of staining. For those who do not want to be concerned about staining, it can appear similar to marble.

The Resistance to Heat

Granite doesn’t shrink or be damaged by hot items rest on the surface. Though hot objects could be set upon marble countertops that have dark shades, they can result in staining on lighter countertops. Don’t place hot objects directly on quartz countertops. Doing so will cause cracking and staining or any other injuries.


Quartz countertops are not porous, so any bacteria or mold does not seep through and develop. Marble and granite can be sealed well and resealed after the period of a few years. To keep your home safe every countertop must be cleaned at the end of each day. fyevh5aldm.