Learn How Fire Sprinklers Work – Media Content Lab


Contrary to what’s shown in the movies, one fire sprinkler is not able to activate all the other sprinklers within the system. If exposed to heat that is extreme an individual sprinkler head is installed by the fire protection companies can go off. Each sprinkler head has to feel that heat to go off. Sprinkler systems cannot be damaged by water.

The valve connected to the supply of water is part of the sprinkler head. Its cover is transparent tube. It is filled with sugar alcohol, and it expands when there is a great upsurge of heat. This gas causes the glass to crack, that opens the valve. Sprinkler heads are made to react with different degrees of temperature.

Many fires start on the floor or on furniture that is typically the height of a waist. Why then are sprinklers for fires placed at the ceiling? The reason is that it is because heat rises. The heat from fires tends to increase quickly, setting off the fire sprinklers.