How to Spot a Potentially Dangerous Tree – Las Vegas Home

Make sure to crush anything that is below by smashing it. This could be your roof or patio, or even your car. It could result in a great deal of damage, and expensive repairs. It is recommended to recognize an unsafe tree and then have it taken down immediately. There are several companies who do emergency tree removals when there is an emergency. In this clip you’ll learn to spot a dangerous tree.

The legs that are typically long are the first thing to be conscious of. Because of the stress that they put on the trunk the limbs are at an increased chance of falling. Because of gravity, these branches will have a tendency to fall to the ground. In addition, search for branches that point outwards rather than upwards. Since their mass is farther away from the tree these limbs have a higher risk of falling. Another obvious indication of danger is branches without leaves. This type of tree is likely to be dead. This means they’re likely to disappear in the near future or in the near future. They should be removed immediately.