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our triceps and upper back. Then, hold each pose in between 10 and 39 seconds.
How to Be More Active at home: Get involved in body Rotations

The core strengthening exercises that you do through rotation strengthen your body, improve hip mobility and enhance your upper back strength. You can also support your lower back muscles as they can be great for stretching the whole body. For a neck rotation move your head in a circular motion and stretch the muscles on the exterior of the neck slowly. Stretch each side of the neck for ten to 30 seconds. You will need to make sure your feet touch the floor in order to turn your body. Set your feet on the floor to rotate your chest. After that, put one arm behind your chair. You can now rotate your body toward the arm resting against the back of the chair. Every side should be rotated for between 10 and 30 seconds.

Put your hands on your waist. Be sure that your feet reach the shoulders. Slightly bend forward from your waist and turn the upper body clockwise then anticlockwise. Set your hands on the width of your shoulders and rotate your hips. Rotate your hips clockwise, then reverse clockwise. You can also take part in yoga, one of the healthiest physical activities at the comfort of your own home. You can sit on the floor, with your legs crossed. Your body will be twisted to the left and right as often as you are able to. This will the body stretch and strengthen your spine. Additionally, it helps stimulate internal organsthat can reduce tiredness.

How to Be More Active at Home: Balance Activities

A balance board provides an enjoyable and stimulating way for exercising at the comfort of your own home. A balance board could help people develop a proper posture and countering spine slumping. A balance board is an effective way to strengthen the muscles in your back that have not been exercised. There are many exercises to do with a balanceboard. You must first to be able to master sitting on the board for about 30 secondsand remaining standing position.