How to a Hire Top Notch Personal Injury Attorney – Kameleon Media

The video below will highlight the most important questions to consider when making your decision on which lawyer should choose.

1. Are they required to be licensed?
It is important to confirm that the lawyer you are considering is licensed and licensed to practice law within the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred. As the video explains, even if an attorney’s name appears on a list specifically advertised as an attorney for personal injury matters doesn’t mean that they’re qualified to handle your case.

2. Who are you likely to be in direct connection with?
Sometimes, you may be working in conjunction with a paralegal, or a case manager and not working with a attorney. The paralegal or the case manager is usually someone with an extensive knowledge. In contrast, you might prefer working closely with your lawyer, that has an in-depth understanding of laws. It is important to know the people who will be your communications partners prior to beginning.

3. Do they respond quickly to all your questions?
Many attorneys will upfront and inform you of the time you should expect to take to hear back to them, according to the timeframe, workload and so on. If you are told that the wait time could be longer, this may affect your decision-making process. 9kvw36r9m9.