How Do Professionals Inspect Main Drain Lines? – Best Online Magazine

sewer lines or lines, or. They can cause clogs due to leaves, tree roots and toilet paper. When a blockage happens, it can cause many thousands of dollars of damages and therefore having your primary sewer lines and drains checked by a professional is essential in order to ensure they are running smoothly. Continue reading to find out how professionals inspect main drain lines.

Professional cameras are an ideal way to examine drain lines. Professional plumbers install this camera within the pipe for views of the pipe’s interior.

If the drain inspection finds the blockage, which can be any number of things like tree roots, it is time to clear it. Using the camera, professionals are able to determine exactly where the clog is in relation to its depth and what amount of pipe is required to replace. This is why having cameras can be major benefit for professional technicians. are able dig out the specific problems that are visible by the camera, rather than drilling holes without a plan in your garden.

To learn more about how experts inspect drain lines, watch the video above!