How Are Drill Pipes Made? – EDUCATION WEBSITE

Have you ever wondered how drill pipes were made? In this video, you can see the manufacturing process for each of the drill pipes for the company. They meet every quality standard for inspection of drill pipes. The following video explains the process by which Grant Prideco drillpipes are manufactured in their plant prior to being shipped out to companies that manufacture drilling pipes all over the world.

A lot is involved in the making of drill pipes. Because they must be finished precisely. There are tests which they undergo during the procedure to verify that they’re suitable for use at drilling locations. In order to ensure that every pipe is able to move on to the next stage, quality tests are carried out on each thread.

To learn the complete step-by step production process for how drill pipes are produced take a look at this video. It’s interesting to observe this process in a short and short video. But keep in mind, this procedure can last all day depending on the sort of drill pipe that they’re creating. There is so much that goes into it yet it ensures that all the members of the team secure.