For the Freshest Produce and the Happiest Farmers, Hit the Public Market

Rochester ny public marketing

Need a little Rochester NY public marketing in your life? The solution is simple. Every Saturday head on over to the Rochester NY public market. For the best in local fruits, vegetables, breads, jams, meats both live and butchered, all straight from the hand that cultivated it, you need to attend the Rochester farmers market.

By satisfying your Rochester public marketing needs, you are also doing a lot of good. You are choosing to support local agriculture. By buying from your neighbors, from the people who live around you and toil all day, every day to produce their crop, you are showing your appreciation for what they do.

The alternative would be to ignore them and buy the generic produce grown on the other side of the country. What good can come of that? If you have to pay someone for their corn, pay the guy next door, not the faceless corporation pumping out millions of tons of corn a year. Be a part of the growing collection of people refusing to buy from the big brands, and spread the message that we prefer the more wholesome approach to our food.

Another benefit to purchasing your food from the Rochester NY public market is that it is some of the purest, cleanest produce that you can find. The produce that you are buying there is just as nature intended it to be. Sure, you can get your organic produce from the local grocery store too, but half of it you do not know where it came from, and a majority of the time it is two bucks more than what you would pay at the farmers market.

You cannot go wrong by visiting the public market. You get the best produce, from the finest farmers who live all around us. You are buying healthy produce that is as pure and untouched as the day it came from the ground. And you are getting to see a bit of Rochester culture every time you go. You can rub elbows with all of the other people who care about their food in much the same way as you. Plus, there is a stand along the outskirts of the public market selling some of the best empanadas you will ever have.