Confessions of a Window Washer

Window tint rochester ny

Weather in Rochester is very volatile, making Rochester windows a really big deal. For example, a car windshield in bad weather can be unsafe but when it has something like an Aquapel glass treatment on it, the rain beads up, rolls off, and visibility and safety are both quickly restored. But when I write about windows and the weather I am not just writing about car windows. I am also writing about windows in our homes.

Inefficient, leaky windows in the home are responsible for more than 25 percent of home energy costs and it can be taken a step further to say typical homeowners can recoup over 70 percent of the cost of replacing their windows through energy savings. There are a lot of reasons in addition to finances and energy savings that a local homeowner should consider the window treatments and window tinting Rochester NY offers. A glass treatment such as Aquapel make the exterior of your home window easier to clean. A special coating treatment on low emissivity glass reduces radiant heat transfer.

When it comes to window tinting Rochester NY is pretty serious. Window tint on home windows help protect its inhabitants health and comfort by blocking dangerous UV rays. Window tinting rochester ny homes also helps preserve belonging and home interiors by weakening the suns rays. Window tinting Rochester NY homes adds to the privacy of the home. And many people believe that window tinting rochester ny homes makes them more attractive from the outside.