An Intro to Tax Law – Maine’s Finest

While learning about law, there’s a lot to know about each sector. This video focuses on tax law which is a complex area of law. Every state has its own tax laws, in addition to federal regulations that must be followed. A majority of taxpayers do not be aware of the reasons they’re paying taxes, and who they are paying to. That’s why we need to become involved. Taxation affects everyone. Tax is an income that is collected for the public good. The money used is utilized by the government to pay for functions. In order to raise funds for the government, the citizens have to have to pay taxes. There are many other motives for taxesbut the principal tax is paid to the government. Taxes can be voluntarily paid in the USA. It is our choice to file tax returns and send them. There is a possibility of being fined or even arrested if fail to submit taxes. There is an involuntary part of paying taxes where the government has you obliged to make payments. For more details, watch this video. owd2gvheez.