Alternative Living Arrangements for Elderly – Family Picture Ideas

Alternative living arrangements for elderly more than 55 years old. The communities provide private residences with shared kitchens and communal amenities such as swimming pools. Additionally, you can find pools, theaters, tennis courts, as well as a library. The communities are usually home to activities and social events.

Cost of living independently varies depending on the facility. There’s no standard because every facility is different. The typical cost for these communities is 1500 and $6,000 per month. Price differences can be explained by the location as well as the amenities.


Independent living can be achieved through a variety of ways. Cohousing is one of these choices. Cohousing for seniors typically is comprised of several homes around a common space. It may be as easy as greenery or as complexes with the gym. Within a cohousing arrangement, each individual is financially independent. Each member shares the obligation to maintain their community and all are involved in the decision making process.

Green Housing

This is the latest type of memory care facility. Within each greenhouse, you will find only a few inhabitants. Residents enjoy a relaxing environment and are not restricted by the rules. This allows the residents to receive the medical care they require without straining healthcare professionals too much. The greenhouse-style setup will create a peaceful and healthy atmosphere. Staff members also ensure everyone feels valued.


Micro-communities are alternative arrangements for seniors that are more like assisted living facilities. They are tiny and independent living options that can be used by people who do not want to reside in large assisted living centers.