A Simple Overview of the Cremation Process – Media Content Lab

It’s all about time. This video shows how cremations work for both individuals and communities.

1. The operator removes the casket’s metal handles so they don’t interfere with the cremation chamber equipment.
2. Operator raises lift casket and place it on the loading table.
3. If the cremation chamber is in good condition to hold the casket, the family member or the person in charge starts the process by pushing the button.
4. This button unlocks the door of the cremator. The chamber is heated to 800 degrees Celsius, and the casket will be gently placed in.
5. The entire process is overseen through a computerized system which makes sure that the combustion is optimal at 800°C.
6. The system will notify that operator after the cremation is done. The cremation operator takes the remains to the cremulator, which then removes all metal components. They are then ground into fine Sand.
7. After the funeral, the cremains are transferred to an urn which is presented to family members.

Cremations of both kinds are carried out for pets as well as human beings. Prior to beginning the process of cremation it is vital to know what the process involves. wv2cmn1zea.