A Public Market Favorite

Public market rochester

There are many key differences between the Rochester public market that almost everyone knows and has been shopping at for ages, versus the farmers market Rochester residents are now beginning to show a bit of interest for. The public market Rochester residents have shopped at traditionally is the place where most people know each other and have been going to for years. They shop there because the prices are low and they know what they can count on to find when they walk the aisles and scan the perimeter of the store. Ever since the Rochester farmers market started coming to town once a week and on the weekends occasionally, the Rochester public market has started to see a decline in the number of customers that they have, and it is starting to make a dent in their overall profits on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual business. If they cannot hold onto a certain amount of market share in the grocery business, then it is anyone’s guess what the future of the Rochester NY public market is in this town. The Rochester public market is set to stay the way that it is for now, but if the Rochester public market does not begin to see some of their tried and true customers come back, then they will need to either rework their marketing plans or at least consider whether or not they are still a fit for the community. Even though the Rochester public market has been a favorite among the clients for some time, it does not mean it will last forever this way. Change is inevitable and as the changes to the community and people begin to take place, it may even mean that the Rochester Public Market may need to change its offerings as well to move forward with the Rochester community.