A Fascinating History of Helicopters – Living History Worldwide

The history of the aircraft goes right back into the dark ages or even more specifically the 15 th century when Leonardo DaVinci launched the sketch of the air screw. But this medieval scene using parts for rotary wing air craft wasn’t established and also remained only over a sketch. Although, the first helicopters had been developed from the 1930’s before World War II. A few of their most famous aquariums were the Focke Wulf Fw 6 1, Sikorsky R4, Bell Product 47tt and Mil Mi-1.

Then, all those aircraft models evolved and were followed by their own improved variants. Some of these famous aquariums from the 60 S have been the Bell AH 1 Cobra, Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Mil Mi-24″Hind”, Dark Hawk and also many more. The main goal of most of the aquariums was to be able to transport heavy loads, in addition to military troops and also to perform very well in battle fields.

Nowadays, helicopters are primarily utilized for disaster relief and health care evacuation, however, in addition take part in some military functions all over the globe. uh8kfid61y.