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Four Great Reasons to Visit a Local Farmers Market

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Heading to the grocery store is a chore that many individuals loathe. Unfortunately, it has become a regular part of most schedules. Whether someone is a parent who has to worry about feeding multiple kids or lives alone and has to save money by not getting take out for every meal, buying groceries is a mundane, but necessary, task. However, in order to enjoy their shopping experience, and be sure to buy fresh, tasty items, many will head to Rochester farmers markets. While some might be hesitant because they worry about whether or not they will be able to find all of the products that they want, there are actually several advantages to avoiding grocery stores and shopping at a great farmers market Rochester has to offer.

1. If someone wants to eat better in order to lose some weight or just imp

The Importance of Buying Food Locally

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At a Rochester NY public market, you can get fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables that are locally grown. Rochester NY public marketing is a great way to support your community, while getting the quality foods that you expect. Whether you enjoy the occasional salad or are an avid health buff, Rochester farmers market is a great way to get healthy this summer.

Why is buying your produce locally so important? In the United States, fruits and vegetables are picked up to a week before they make it to store shelves. Furthermore, produce is transported an average of 1500 miles before it makes its way to your plate. These numbers may be much higher for fruits and vegetables grown and transported from other countries. Shopping at a Rochester public market is your best bet for finding freshly picked, local